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Chairman's Message

The Asia region and mainland China are undergoing a remarkable period of transformation. Urbanization, globalization and wealth creation are producing fundamental, long-term changes in production, demand and consumption that present challenges as well as considerable opportunities for investors.


At Winnington Capital, we believe that investors are best served by strategies that seek to capture the region’s long-term economic growth story. Through fundamental research, a dedicated local team with ‘best in class’ investors and operators, we identify and execute investment opportunities in listed securities, real estate and private equity.


With our team based in Hong Kong, we have the knowledge and expertise to support our investment approach. After investing in the region and managing institutional and other mainstream investors’ capital for over 15 years, we are able to combine local knowledge with an institutional quality infrastructure.


Over the past 30 years, the region has witnessed phenomenal change. As the entrepreneurial spirit continues to transform the regional economies, Winnington Capital remains outstandingly well placed to capture the opportunities to come.


Kenneth Hung
Chairman, Winnington Capital

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